Welcome to Our Spa!

"You've been to a spa to pamper your skin.
Now here's a spa for good health, deep within!"

A spa? Really?
Yes, we like to think of the IV Therapy Center as a spa. Of course, it's quiet, relaxing, and elegant like a spa. And like any good spa, we pamper you and cater to your every need. But it goes deeper than that. A lot deeper. You know the feeling you get when you ease into a natural hot spring? How bathing in the warmth of the healing waters restores you? The cells in your body feel the same way when you have IV therapy: they are bathed in a luxuriant lake of revitalizing nutrients - a veritable whirlpool of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Think of an IV as an "inner vacation." No longer deficient, your happy, refreshed cells are ready to go full speed ahead.

Highlights of Our Spa
  • Just look at our chairs. Not exactly what you'd expect from a doctor's office. They're so comfortable you'll practically melt into the soft white leather as your cares drift away.
  • Listen to music or read a book while you're receiving your IV treatment.

  • If you can't break away from work, bring your laptop - we have free wireless internet.

  • Our nurses and medical staff are standing by to help you with anything you need. We also provide a selection of fresh, natural juices and herbal teas for you to enjoy.