Frequently asked questions


why IV on demand?

Iv On Demand offers the highest quality mobile IV ervice in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood area. And with our competitive pricing and fast, convenient service, why not choose IV On Demand for all your Mobile IV Therapy needs.


who will benefit from IV therapy?

IV Therapy has been used in our Beverly Hills IV Therapy Center for more than 10 years to treat hangovers, nutrient deficiency, fatigue and cold/flu symptoms as well as for health boosting and athletic performance enhancement.


how fast can a nurse get here?

If you are in the area of Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and West LA, a registered nurse can be at your door in 90 minutes or less with all of the supplies to help you feel better fast.


is IV therapy safe?

When you use IV On Demand in Los Angeles, IV Therapy is extremely safe! Our staff takes every precaution to ensure your protection, using a professional staff of doctors and registered nurses to administer top-quality natural IV drips.


how long will my in-home IV therapy take?

The treatment time for IV drips vary, but usually last from 15-90 minutes.


is IV on demand a strictly in-home service?

No! Whether you are at your downtown Los Angeles office, poolside at a Beverly Hills hotel or the finish line of the Hollywood Half marathon, a registered nurse and a revitalizing IV On Demand infusion is only a click away.


who uses IV therapy?

Our clients are LA residents and visitors alike! IV On Demand users are people just like you who work hard, play hard and want to feel good; from hungover party goers to jet-lagged executives and even performance athletes.


Interested in IV Therapy?

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