IV surgical wound healingLos Angeles and Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons have long known that patients who are cigarette smokers, for example, take much longer to recover from even minor surgery. On the other hand, patients who took Vitamin C after surgery seemed to have a much easier time healing from the same types of surgery.

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Vitamin Therapy and Wound Healing

Vitamin C is a necessary part of the biochemical pathway for collagen production. Collagen helps heal wounds by providing structural integrity and support for the skin. Zinc (although actually a mineral, not a vitamin) is also required for collagen biosynthesis.

Do I have to use IV vitamins? Why not just take vitamin pills after my surgery?

Consider a couple of reasons why IV vitamins are a much better choice, particularly in promoting post-surgery wound healing:

  • The body requires over 100 times more vitamin C after the trauma of surgery.
  • IV vitamins speed up the healing process compared to oral vitamins.
  • Achieving pharmacologically active effective concentrations of Vitamin C – and many other nutrients – in the blood and tissues is best accomplished by IV administration; oral doses either cannot translate to the necessary blood levels, cause unpleasant side effects like diarrhea, or both.

Which IV nutrient therapy should I use for wound healing?

At the IV Nutrient Therapy Center, we offer the following treatments for wound healing:

Although Vitamin C alone is very helpful, we believe that using the Myers’ Cocktail may be even better because it contains Vitamin C in addition to B-complex vitamins and zinc, all of which are synergistic with each other and are good for the skin. IV glutathione may substantially reduce inflammation and promote tissue repair; therefore, we also recommend it for post-surgical wound healing.

When should I have my IV nutrient therapy sessions?

For best results, we recommend coming in for treatment both in advance of your surgery and after surgery. This gives your body more ammunition to tackle the task of repairing your skin and connective tissues. We suggest 1-2 treatments before and another 1-2 treatments after surgery for best results.

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