the IV on demand difference

IV On Demand is the only Los Angeles mobile IV therapy service to offer the convenience of an appointment-booking app! We specialize in fast relief for hangovers, athlete training enhancement/recovery and energy-boosting health optimization for Los Angeles clients who work hard, play hard, and want to look and feel great.


IV On Demand brings the top-notch care of our board-certified medical team right to your door, serving the area of Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and West LA in under 90 minutes. Competitive pricing and group discounts make personalized IV nutrient therapy more accessible than ever before!


“Being a mom, a wife, and a full-time employee, I am often running on empty. I tried everything to help with my fatigue and nothing seemed to work. Getting my IV cocktail is now my monthly routine. It works immediately, and it is the answer to staying calm, energized and productive.”

- Mary B.


"After a crazy night on the town, waking up the next morning is a pretty difficult task. Getting an IV drip really helps kill my hangover so I can start being productive with my day. IV on Demand got to my house quicker than I expected and I felt great afterward. Highly recommend."

-John D.

the IV therapy infusions

  • hangover relief

    Speed up your recovery with a detoxifying Hangover Relief infusion! Banish the morning after headache, nausea and fatigue and get back to your life! The perfect cure for a hangover!

  • energy
    boost infusion

    Feeling drained? Combat fatigue and naturally restore your body's vitality and metabolism with a vitamin-rich Energy Boost Infusion.

  • performance

    Whether you are in training mode or recovering from a sports event, the Performance Enhancer is the perfect infusion for athletic enhancement.

  • weight loss

    Optimize your body's absorption of nutrients and accelerate weight loss! IV On Demand's Weight Loss Booster quickly delivers a vitamin cocktail that helps you shed toxins and lose more weight fast.

  • fountain of

    IV On Demand's Fountain of Youth is an easy-to-absorb infusion of vitamins and minerals proven to naturally promote beautiful skin and hair!

  • immune

    Does your immune system need a reboot after a long flight or an exhausting week at work? Avoid getting sick--give your body a restorative immune system boost!

  • cold & flu

    Suffering from a cold or flu? Avoid unnecessary antibiotics! Give your body a restorative boost with an IV On Demand Cold & Flu Buster Infusion.

  • rapid hydration

    Feeling dehydrated after a traumatic event or a day in the sun? A Rapid Hydaration infusion will restore your body's water balance so you feel great!

  • joint pain

    Suffering from painful, stiff, and swollen joints?  IV Therapy can be used to speed the healing process following an injury or manage pain and increase range of motion for a chronic pain disorder.

  • migraine

    Holistically reduce the incidence of migraines and cluster headaches and manage pain from their onset! Feel a migraine coming on? Relief is less than 90 minutes away.

  • stress

    Feeling stressed out by work, family, and life? IV On Demand's proven stress relief cocktail can give your body the extra attention it needs to keep your mind at peak performance.

  • 'classic'
    myers cocktail

    Magnesium, Calcium*, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6 Panthenol (B5), B-Complex, Vitamin C

  • msm

    For the Treatment of: Autoimmune diseases Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Scleroderma Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

  • mega dose
    vitamin c

    For the Treatment of: Cold and Flu, Wound healing Depression, Fatigue, Allergies, Neurological, Ailments.

  • b-12

    For the Treatment of: B-12 Deficiency, Fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease, Heart Disease: Reducing homocysteine levels after balloon angioplasty.

  • add-on boosters

    Need More?
    Our certified registered nurses may suggest additional vitamin drips, nausea or headache relief medication and additional health-enhancing treatments during concierge treatments.

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IV On Demand offers the highest quality mobile IV service in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood area. And with our competitive pricing and fast, convenient service, why not choose IV On Demand for all your Mobile IV Therapy needs.

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