Choosing to have a child does not just require emotional and mental investment. It needs a healthy mother to ensure that the baby is born healthy and happy. While staying strong and healthy throughout a pregnancy is vital for the wellbeing of the baby, being healthy before conception is just as important. Many birth defects begin in the early stages of pregnancy. Having a healthy body and a proper supply of all nutrients that a developing fetus needs will help protect against many of these dangers.

At the IV Therapy Center of Beverly Hills, we understand that many mothers may not fully understand what they need in order to prepare their bodies for pregnancy. That is why we provide insight and assistance through skilled diagnostic tests, intravenous therapy, and expertly created oral supplements that provide highly effective levels of nutrients that your body needs to prepare for baby.

Get Healthy for Pregnancy with Tailored Vitamin Therapy

preparing your body for pregnancyPrenatal vitamins have been on the market for years. These oral supplements provide daily doses of the many nutrients that mothers will need to keep their babies healthy throughout pregnancy. However, these vitamins do not take into account that each woman is different thanks to their individual health, daily activities, and preexisting conditions. Our medical team is dedicated to determining what supplements are needed for each patient and how much is required to achieve a healthy body that is ready for pregnancy.

While orally ingested vitamins and healthy diets will help expose your body to the nutrients it needs, a vast portion of these supplements will not be absorbed due to the digestive process. Intravenous vitamin therapy for pregnancy will directly inject each nutrient that you need into your bloodstream. Through bypassing the digestive system, your body’s cells are directly exposed to the vitamins and minerals, giving them a chance to absorb them without interference and in as little time as possible.

Our skilled doctor will be able to provide you with continued tests in order to determine how your body has absorbed the treatments and whether additional therapy is required to get you to the optimum level for pregnancy. Having a complete understanding of your body will help prevent many different potential complications before conception so that your child is spared from possible harm.

Finding the Right Vitamin Therapy for You

Every woman requires different treatments in order to reach an optimal state for pregnancy. Even if you are dedicated to proper exercise, a healthy diet, and a complete regimen of vitamins, your body may still be lacking in various areas. The only way to tell what your body needs is to undergo a diagnostic test from a skilled doctor. At the IV Therapy Center of Beverly Hills, our medical team can screen for a wide variety of needs to customize your IV treatment, injection therapy, or oral supplement regimen. During your first consultation, the doctor will screen for things such as deficiencies in:

Calcium – A growing baby will require large amounts of calcium in order to grow complete and strong bones. This is taken directly from the mother and a pregnant woman may experience bone loss without proper levels of calcium.

Iron – This nutrient carries oxygen in the blood stream. Making sure you have a consistently healthy level will help the fetus constantly receive needed oxygen for proper development.

Folic Acid – This prevents defects in the neural tube, which could damage a baby’s brain and spinal column during the early stages of fetal development.

You may find that you need therapy for many of these nutrients or possibly only a single one. In any case, making sure that your body is healthy on all levels is the best way to ensure you have a safe, stable, and healthy pregnancy.

Working with Experienced IV Therapy Doctors

The best way to ensure you receive the right treatments and your body is prepared for pregnancy is to seek help from experienced medical professionals. Get in touch with the IV Therapy Center of Beverly Hills today by calling (310) 550-8000 or contacting us online today. By setting up an appointment, you can learn how our doctor has helped countless women like you successfully prepare for pregnancy.