Millions of people have a complicated relationship with the sun. Outdoor activities are some of the best ways to feel reenergized and invigorated, especially after long hours indoors. Tanning can help improve body image and self-confidence. However, sunburns and the many other medical issues that come from overexposure to the sun can severely harm a person’s health.

While sunscreen and proper clothing are key to preventing bad burns, many people don’t know that vitamin C regimens can also help provide natural protection from sun exposure. Vitamin C intravenous therapy is even more effective, offering strong doses that more are efficiently absorbed by the body.

How Does Vitamin C Protect Your Body?

iv-therapy-cancer-treatmentSun damage from ultraviolet light can create free radicals that float dangerously around the body. Vitamin C, however, is an antioxidant, which helps neutralize free radicals. Having a healthy amount of vitamin C in your body works to strengthen your defenses by neutralizing the free radicals that come from overexposure to the sun.

The Benefits of IV Therapy

While many people take vitamin C tablets or consume it in their diet, they may still lack the amount of vitamin C necessary to protect against sun damage. This is because most of the vitamins taken by mouth are not absorbed by the body. In fact, the primary result of taking a megadose of vitamin C orally is an upset stomach, while the majority of the vitamin is excreted.

However, IV vitamin therapy results in a much higher rate of absorption, as the vitamin is put directly into the bloodstream. When this happens plasma and other cells in the body absorb the vitamin directly, allowing for a fuller and more complete exposure throughout the body. By having a high and healthy amount of vitamin C in your system, you can have confidence that your sunscreen and clothing will work to their maximum effectiveness in sun protection.

Creating a Unique Treatment Plan

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