Superior Nutritional Supplements

The harsh reality is most people lack the proper vitamins and minerals that the body needs to keep them strong and healthy. Ideally, you would get holistic nutrition from food. But since most soils are deficient in nutrients, (especially minerals) due to industrial food production practices, getting all our nutrition from food is not realistic. For this reason, you must take vitamins to ensure you are getting optimal levels of necessary micronutrients.
Unfortunately, over the years, many poor-quality supplements have flooded the market without any safety, purity, or quality testing by the FDA and manufactured in facilities that do not meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). As you walk through your favorite supermarket or go online you will find these vitamins, and most for a low price.
Taking the wrong vitamin can potentially create more harm than good. In 2015, researchers tested vitamins from four national retailers and found four out of five products did not contain any of the herbs listed nor active ingredients. In fact, they were full of really bad stuff like fillers, binders, lubricants, sweeteners, disintegrants and various anti-caking, coating, coloring, and flavoring agents. Also, there was no consistency between one bottle and another in terms of dosing. This lack of standardization is one reason that many in the medical community do not trust the supplement community.
With my commitment to your health and strong belief in the benefits of vitamins I too, was concerned. I could not in good conscious recommend vitamins that I would not take myself or give to my loved ones. Nearly a decade ago, I launched my custom formulated vitamins . Over the years I have remained committed to ever-evolving formulations that not only keep up with leading-edge science but are backed by science and innovation. Formulations, that not only myself and all my loved ones takes but formulations that I am willing to stake my reputation and medical license behind.
Our supplements are doctor-formulated and doctor-recommended. They are medical grade, all-natural, and of the highest quality. Our physicians guarantee our products' purity and potency. These leading-edge supplements stand at the forefront of the integrative medicine revolution. With every passing day, the benefits of supplements are becoming ever clearer. Study after clinical study continues to demonstrate the health-enhancing effects of carefully selected nutritional supplements in preventing and treating a wide variety of medical conditions, as well as of course being a key component of health optimization, along with diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications.
We remain committed to ever-evolving formulations that not only keep up with leading-edge science but are backed by science and innovation. Along with a deep commitment to putting product quality, purity and integrity above maximizing cost savings and manufacturing convenience is a priority. We avoid in-active manufacturing additives and use laboratories for manufacturing that are that are CGMP-compliant and ISO-9001-certified.