B100 | Heart Health

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Heart disease has had a huge impact on our population as the leading cause of death worldwide, even though a great degree of it is preventable. Unfortunately, our modern diets do not always provide the heart with the right type and amount of nutrients that it needs to function optimally. Formulated by the country's leading preventative cardiologist, Dr. Arash Bereliani, who believes that no one should die before the age of 100 from heart disease, the B100 IV brings to heart health what the IV Myers brings to overall health.

As your body's most important organ, the heart works second by second to carry the necessary blood and nutrients to the rest of your body. When your heart is not properly fueled with the nutrients it needs, it gets tired and slows down, placing you at risk for heart disease. B100 combines the use of an IV drip and IV push to separate reducing agents from oxidizing agents, preventing an undesirable interaction (thus cancelling each other out).

This carefully formulated, doctor-developed, proprietary combination of the active principles are delivered directly to your bloodstream. This ensures 100% absorption of vital nutrients and fuel that the heart needs for maximum performance and protection.

B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Carnitine, Glutamine, Glycyrrhizic acid, Magnesium, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), Phosphatidylcholine, Selenium, Taurine, Theanine, Zinc

CoQ10 Injection: CoQ10 helps reduce inflammation and fight the free radicals that are responsible for cell and DNA damage.

Glutathione Push: Glutathione works to diminish the oxidation of fats, decrease circulating cholesterol, minimize the inflammatory response around arteriosclerotic plaque, stabilize platelets and protect the sensitive lining of the arteries.
      Overall Heart Health
      Regulate Heart Rhythm
      Improve Blood Pressure
      Congestive Heart Failure
        For optimal results, Dr. Bereliani recommends the B100 IV at least once a month!