Longevity X

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“The power of red wine in a pill you can take anytime!" – Dr. B


The famous "French Paradox" has been proved by clinical research confirming the power of red wine to augment health and longevity. The miraculous molecule isolated from wine was identified as resveratrol, one of the polyphenols that are now talked about constantly. Of course, a glass or two of red wine is healthy, but to get the full power of resveratrol at clinical doses, you could get fairly drunk in the process. That's why our research chemists decided to create Longevity X - to give you the good stuff in red wine without the alcohol. But that was only the beginning.

Longevity X provides a complete bioflavonoid complex with resveratrol, quercetin, and pterostilbene. These three antioxidants work together synergistically. Pterostilbene, a new focus of scientific research, is methylated resveratrol, a bio-optimized form that complements resveratrol and quercetin. These compounds are being extensively studied in the areas of cardiovascular health and aging.*

 Clinical Applications
  • Methylation helps improve absorption and stability*
  • Powerful Antioxidant Support*
  • Supports Healthy Cellular Function*
  • Produces Changes Associated with Longer Lifespan (including activation of sirtuins)*
  • Supports Cardiovascular/Neurological Health*
  • Decrease collagen breakdown and loss of elasticity
  • Support sexual health
  • Decrease inflammation, cell proliferation, and cancer risk
  • Protect against stroke and age-related mental decline
  • Reduce arterial plaque formation (atherosclerosis)

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