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It All Boils Down To Poor Glucose Metabolism, REVERSE Runaway Blood Sugar Now. -Dr. B


The danger signs are plain to see: your blood pressure goes up, your belly gets fatter, and your stress level is in overdrive. Don’t keep going down the same dark road. It’s time to shift gears now – into REVERSE!

Poor eating habits and lack of exercise, in addition to genetics, have let things get out of hand. But is there really anything we can do to help prevent this from happening? Yes. In a word, the answer is Reverse. Reverse is a combination formula of well-studied and effective natural ingredients that help support blood glucose metabolism. Taken daily, it can help reduce- or reverse- a host of metabolic problems.


Clinical Applications
  • Supports Healthy Glucose Metabolism
  • Supports Healthy Blood Lipid Levels Already in the Normal Range
  • Improves/Maintains Healthy Nerve Function
  • Increased overall insulin levels (both fasting and throughout the day)

Reverse can be used in conjunction with drugs that stimulate the pancreas, allowing the body to produce more insulin in the following types of patients:

  1. Type II Diabetics (Insulin Resistance): These individuals have lower than normal fasting insulin levels, due to pancreatic failure.
  2. Glucose Intolerant Patients: Patients that have glucose intolerance, meaning the fasting glucose is not yet in the diabetic range but close to it (upper range of the normal reference range), yet due to a diseased state ( auto-immune, infections) they cannot produce adequate amounts of insulin to keep blood glucose in the optimal range.

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